Gorgeous Movie Posters from 2009

My blog seems to be getting rather visual lately (or maybe I’m just getting lazy). Everyone knows that most movie posters are poorly Photoshoped, star-pimping, and bland, but I’m going to take a minute to celebrate some of the more interesting posters from 2009, both mainstream and independent. These choices are based purely on the visual impact of the posters.


The scene that took place in the Guggenheim was the only interesting part of The International, so they were smart to capitalize on it in the poster.

^This poster is currently hanging in my bedroom.

You can click here to view scads of posters from 2009, and here to check out some of the most artistic posters of the decade.

One response to “Gorgeous Movie Posters from 2009

  1. Hey Guys I found a website for print a custom posters 😀 !!!! is awesome hehee


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